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Welcome to Woof N' Wag -  The Dog Supply Store

We do not claim that we are the best dog supply store in Australia but we do aim to be one of the best.  We are located in country NSW and we are quite the happy family owned business.

Abbey our Labrador loves dog toys her love for both adventure and comfort makes us love her even more. We have sourced pet supplies for her from across Australia and overseas, this has led to us starting Woof N’ Wag. There are a number of online pet stores but very few deal exclusively in dog needs we are proud to be a part of that niche club.

From dog essentials like dog bowls, leads, harnesses, dog collars to dog toys, treats and much more we aim to provide the best to all of you dog lovers. Our 2IC Abbey and her love for toys and treats helps us pick the best for your canine.  She takes her role as 2IC very seriously in testing out any new products she can get her paws on.

As a business Woof N’ Wag is completely an online dog store which does not sell pet supplies that the market dictates but dog needs that you and your dog like. We love suggestions, opinions and creative criticism. Thank you for visiting our site and do check often we keep adding products every now and then. You can always connect to us on Social Media to keep up to date about new products, great deals and also to connect with more dog lovers in your area.