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  • A Friend from Backyards!

    In recent times, major demography of the society has lost its regards for the most loyal pet- dog. Reason is news of dogs biting strangers and disrupting the daily lives has captured most minds which are being bombarded with the news of canine crimes. Not to be surprised, the same media once made ‘dog’ one of the most loved pet. Continue reading

  • Have A Relaxed Holiday!

    Going on a holiday isn't pleasing for most of us as our dogs cannot quickly unlearn their habitual. Time spent doing vigorous activities don’t remain a holiday for dogs. Excessive excitement distresses them. However, with products like KONG Toys and KONG Air Dog Squeaker Bone, we can turn the tables. Following are the insights by KONG on how to have happy holidays. Continue reading

  • Recipes for Healthier and Tastier Dog Treats!

    You might be treating yourself by having a hamburger with extra cheese in it. Sometimes, you enjoy the street food and skip your strict diet. However, your dog cannot afford such a skipping. It needs to be fed healthy food- be it a daily meal or a treat. Continue reading

  • Dog Safety tips for Halloween

    While Halloween isn't as big here in Australia as in the USA it has growing popularity and while Halloween is frightfully enjoyable for us humans it can cause a real fear in our dogs. With the doorbell ringing more than usual, kids running around screaming with joy, loud and strange noises Halloween can be disaster time for your dog. Continue reading

  • ‘Treat’: A learning that a dog remembers forever!”

    Treats are one of the most popular training techniques for dogs. More than just a food for a treat works as a positive reinforcement for a dog. Through treats, an owner doesn't simply express love for his/her dog.  By doing so, a very important component is indulged into dog’s training and turns out as a reward for its good behaviour. Continue reading

  • Is your dog Bored?

    Has your dog become gloomy from the past few days? If yes, then it might be because either it is too stressed or too bored. Dogs do feel that way once in a while, and as a pet parent, it becomes your duty to recognise it and make their gloominess go away. Continue reading

  • 5 Ways to prepare for a hike with your dog

    Summer is approaching, which may remind you of hiking with your beloved pet. Hiking with your dog is very easy as it is relatively less expensive and requires little or no experience. The best part is that in the process, you strengthen your bond with your dog. But wait a minute! Before going, you need to follow some tips that will help you sustain your and your dog’s excitement throughout the journey. Continue reading

  • 5 Tips for Housetraining a Puppy

    As your puppy grows up, each day is an adventure. You adore each one of its little progresses – as it learns to love you, obey you and even care for you. But amongst all the bliss, you should not forget to train it with the right habits. Here are 5 simple tips to train your puppy. So that the bond between you two can grows stronger. Continue reading

  • Slow Feeders that ensure Nutrition with Fun!

    Just like us even dogs face a lot of problems if they eat fast. It can result in chocking or indigestion. Also, psychologically speaking, it might as well trigger their aggressive behaviour. So, mate, slow them down before they start hogging! Continue reading

  • 5 Human Habits That Dogs May Not Understand

    We tend to treat our dogs like our friends and children. We make sure that they eat on time, they exercise regularly and they feel loved by us.  On the contrary, dogs may get a bit cranky with some of our habits. Continue reading

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