Chuckit! Whistler Ball 2 Pack


Add a surprise to every game of catch with your dog with the Chuckit! Whistler Ball! The Chuckit!

Whistler Ball whistles when thrown in the air, making catch and fetch games more delightful for your pup. Throw this ball across an open field, and watch your dog chase after the Chuckit! Whistler Ball with an extra bounce (or jump!) in each sprinting step.


  • 2-pack Chuckit! Whistler Ball set
  • Colours: Orange and Blue
  • Size: Medium, 6cm for all measurements (height, width, length)
  • Makes whistling noise when thrown in the air through the 4 holes
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used with a ball launcher
  • Perfect as a dog toy to take to the park or play right in your backyard

Sturdy, high-bounce rubber material that lasts through many catch and fetch games!

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