Chuckit! Ultra Tug


Ready, set, FETCH!

The Chuckit! Ultra Tug is a durable, rubber ball on a leash-style cord that's great for tug-of-war games with your dog and those intense rounds of fetch. 

The Ultra Tug features an awesome ultra ball for tugging games, comes with a durable 2-ply nylon handle, and an extra-thick rubber core and a bright colour for improved visibility

Made of high-quality materials the durable design will hold up to tireless dogs that want to go and go again. Please remember this is an interactive fetch toy for supervised play and should not be left with your dog especially if they have a tendency to chew. 


  • FUN AND HEALTHY EXERCISE: The Chuckit! Ultra tug dog toy takes fetch and tug-of-war to the next level.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: To hold up to rough play, the tough dog toys are made of rugged, long-lasting rubber.
  • FLOATS IN WATER: The lightweight rubber material makes this ball great for water games with your dog.
  • COLOURFUL DESIGN - With bright blue and orange colours, the Chuckit! Ultra Ball allows dogs (and dog owners) to easily spot the ball in tall grass or on water. 

Two Sizes

Medium 6cm balls

Small 5cm balls (Small dogs only)

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