EzyDog Vario 6 Leash


$33.59 AUD $47.99 AUD

A leash for every occasion!

The Vario 6 really does earn the title of a Multi-Functional Dog Leash - With six key functions all built into the one leash, there really is not a more versatile dog lead available.


  1. Long Leash
  2. Traffic Leash
  3. Short Traffic Leash
  4. Shoulder Hands-Free Leash
  5. Waist Hands-Free Leash
  6. Two-Dog Dual Leash
  7. Temporary Teather *BONUS*

See video below for a full demonstration on how to use all functions of this dog leash. 

The lite version utilises 12mm width webbing, recommended for use with dogs weighing less than 12kgs.


  • THE ULTIMATE MULTI-FUNCTION ADJUSTABLE HANDS-FREE DOG LEASHThe Vario 6 Dog Leash converts from 6' to 3' to 2' leash. Other functions include hands-free, double-dog and tethering.
  • PATENTED SOFT TOUCH TECHNOLOGY AND CORROSION RESISTANT HARDWARE: Soft touch webbing adds comfort and added non-corrosive snap hook improves durability.
  • IMPROVED NIGHT-TIME SAFETY: Reflective integrated trim woven into the Vario 6 multifunction dog leash provides greater visibility and improved night safety. 


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Candy
  • Black 


Standard 25mm webbing