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PAW 2-IN-1 Mini Slow Feeder + Lick Pad Combo - Puppies +Small Dogs - Green

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Transform the way your dog eats and make mealtime fun with the PAW 2-in-1 Slow Feeder & Lick Pad Set!

If your dog simply woofs down their dinner we all know that isn't good for them and that they may be at risk of choking and/or bloat which is pretty serious. Dinner time shouldn't be a challenge but should be a fun and rewarding experience.

New from Pet Dreamhouse PAW 2 in 1 Slow Feed Dog Bowl and Textured Lick Pad for puppies and small dogs. This new smaller version replicates the already super popular full-sized Pet Dreamhouse PAW 2 in 1 Slow Feed Dog Bowl but in a much smaller size catering for small dogs and puppies. The Pet Dream House 2in1 feeders are a fantastic slow feeder to our existing range, combining our 2 favourite items - a slow feed dog bowl and dog lick mat

The paw-shaped tray is a slow-feeding food bowl that features separate large compartments, in total the slow feeder holds approx 1 cup of food which can be divided up into smaller pockets portioning out food to encourage your dog to pace their eating. 

You can also use the tray to add more variety to your dog’s meals, such as adding snacks or raw foods instead of just kibble. 

The textured lick pad encourages your pet to lick away their food or treats, which can help them relax and take their time eating and enjoying their meals. Sprinkle on your dog’s wet food or favourite treats, such as treat pastes or peanut butter, or spread wet dog food on the mat to encourage slow and relaxing feeding! You can also remove the lick pad and stick it to a flat surface (e.g., window) to use it as an entertainment treat toy for your dog.

Apart from the yummy taste, licking also stimulates the release of endorphin (the “feel good” hormone) which gives a feeling of comfort and pleasure to reduce anxiety. This will also help increase saliva production to aid in overall digestion and aid in slow feeding for reduced bloating and prevent regurgitation and choking.

For refreshing treats, you can even freeze the Lick Pad with your choice of treats (e.g., frozen bone broth, wet dog food, yoghurt, etc.).

For more variety, you can remove the Lick Pad and stick it to your tub to keep your dog occupied while you bathe them!  


  • Mini 2 in 1 SLOW FEEDER AND LICK MAT - Designed for stimulation and paced eating for small dogs and puppies
  • MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS AND SURFACES - Features one side with the textured lick mat and separate compartments for dog food and treats
  • REMOVABLE LICK PAD - Lick pad can be removed to reveal extra pockets underneath to portion food and help your pet eat at a healthier, slower pace - an excellent alternative to a regular food bowl
  • Made with food-grade material free of BPAs and PVC
  • Freezer-friendly and dishwasher-safe (top rack)



  • Mini 20cm x 18cm x 3cm
  • Full-size version is also available here