Sodapup Honeycomb Enrichment eMat (Large)


$21.99 AUD

Get ready for your dog to love the new LARGE Honeycomb Sodapup Enrichment Mat

What do you do when your honeycomb enrichment mat is just that bit too small for the big dogs? Sodapup has heard your calls and have made the new large Honeycomb Enrichment Mat. The new larger size is the same size as the popular Bones Emats and Jigsaw Emats

Made in the USA, Sodapup emats are perfect for spreading your dog's favourite soft treat all over as a great enrichment treat. We've got some suggestions below on toppings for your emat.  

The original Honeycomb emat continues to be available here, and is perfect for the smaller dogs or dogs who love a quick snack! 



  • ENRICHMENT - Licking soothes and calms your dog.
  • BENEFITS - Promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums. Stimulates saliva to aid digestive health
  • DISHWASHER SAFE - Top rack dishwasher safe or hand wash in soapy water after use
  • FREEZE - Freeze your dog's emat to extend treat time
  • MADE IN THE USA - BPA FREE + Food grade TPR Rubber

How to use

Spread your dog's favourite soft treat or raw meal over the surface of the emat, ensuring the food is pushed down into the surface of the mat. Did you know eMat's are an excellent alternative to a slow feed bowl. 

Treat Suggestions


  • One Colour - Yellow


12.7cm wide X 17cm tall | .64cm thick.  Weight: 80grams


This is not a chew toy.  Please supervise your pet while using this enrichment mat. It is important to teach your dog to lick not chew all lick mats. If emat becomes damaged, remove from your dog immediately. If your dog is inclined to chew please check out our range of tough stuffable chew toys for dogs here