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K9 Connectables - Starter Pack Large

K9 Connectables

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Stuff - Connect - Set Difficulty - Enjoy!

Exercise alone is never enough for a dog – they need stimulation and to be mentally engaged, K9 Connectables requires your dog to use their brain, satisfying their instincts to break things apart and burn energy. 

The new K9 Connectables get your started providing, 1 Tech Bone, 1 Ball and 1 Dentist to attach together. 

You can also add to your dog's existing K9 Connectables by attaching other toys from the K9 Connectables range to create larger assemblies your dog will love breaking apart for their rewards. Stuff the bone-shaped hole in the Tech Bone with peanut butter or healthy spread for a paw licking good time!

Increase the challenge by connecting more toys or freezing!

K9 Connectables are made from a soft but durable material called TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer – essentially a soft plastic) that is satisfyingly squeezy for dogs to bite down on!



  • INTERACTIVE PLAY - Durable interactive toy that will keep your dog entertained with rewarding treats
  • UNLOCK THEIR NATURAL INSTINCTS - Assists your dogs natural instincts to hunt and work for food, challenging them to unlock the treats inside.
  • STUFF WITH TREATS - Easy to use, simply stuff with treats, connect together and watch them solve the puzzle for their reward! 
  • MORE THAN ONE DIFFICULTY LEVEL - Two separation difficulty levels
  • WATER FUN - Floats on water
  • FREEZE - Can be frozen to extend lick time
  • CLEANING UP IS EASY - Dishwasher safe

 K9 Connectables FAQ

How Tough / Strong Are K9 Connectables?

K9 Connectables are mental enrichment toys and not chew toys. No dog toy is indestructible to a determined dog. K9 Connectables products have been designed to be used in supervised interactive play sessions between dog and owner.

What Size Dog Are K9 Connectables Suitable For?

Dogs ranging from 7kg through to 35kg are the ideal range to be able to break the K9 Connectables connections apart. 

How Does My Dog Know How To Break The Connections ?

Firstly, start with a short play session with the toys apart, your clever dog will notice this. Next, start with one connection level so it is easy for your dog to break apart, it also helps if you have a high-value treat inside which the dog can smell through the bone shaped hole! If it’s something they want, they will go crazy until they get their reward, as they figure it out you can move to three connection levels such as on the Dentist and four levels on the Tech Bone!

How Long Should It Take My Dog To Figure Out / Use K9 Connectables ?

It depends on your dog! Their personality, their desire for what is trapped inside K9 Connectables. Initially, it may take a while for your dog to figure out how to break the connection but when they do they get quicker and quicker. You can extend playtime by stuffing with things like banana, yogurt, peanut butter, even raw diet !

Can I Freeze K9 Connectables ?

ABSOLUTELY! Stuff with treats, smear the outside crevices with treats and pop in the freezer. Here's a tip! If your ingredients are a little messy, stuff your toys, connect together and place in a plastic bag to keep your freezer clean.

Are K9 Connectables Suitable For Puppies ?

K9 Connectables can be ideal for puppies. Interactive play sessions can teach puppies appropriate chew items and can help them to settle. However please be aware young puppies can have razor sharp teeth so supervise play is essential.


Please remember to introduce ALL new activities SLOWLY. Conditioning your pet to a toy (and it’s specific features) is crucial to ensure it becomes an enriching experience and not something they are wary or frightened of.  As with all enrichment activities, your pet should be supervised when first using this product.

Please check the product regularly for any damage, and replace whenever it becomes damaged or defective to avoid any harm coming to your pet. Please discard damaged products and do not let your dog attempt to swallow any pieces.

Unless specifically advertised as such, advertised products are not designed or intended for strong / aggressive chewers.


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Tracey J.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
He loves it!

Carnaby loves chewing his toys and loves having something to think about so K9 Connectables are perfect for him, he really has to take his time to figure out how to get the treats out.

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