Zippy Paws

Zippy Paws Happy Bowl Donut Slow Feeder

Zippy Paws

$18.99 AUD

Make mealtime fun for your eager eater with the ZippyPaws Happy Bowl Donut slow feed bowl!

Shaped like a sprinkled donut, this fun slow-feeding dog food bowl features raised sprinkles which slow your dog down and even has a “donut hole” center that helps divide up your dogs food to better manage their portions.

Did you know a slow feed dog bowl can help your dog eat up to 10 times slower! By eating slower, you reduce the risk of bloat in your dog, belching and choking, also your dog having uncomfortable digestive issues.

The Zippy Paws Happy Bowl Donut holds up to 4 cups of dry dog food, and you can use the center donut hole to hold treats or bone broth. This bowl is suitable for both dry and raw fed dogs. 

Please note: - This bowl is 6cm tall, short nose breeds such as pugs or bulldogs may have trouble using this bowl. We recommend the SloDog Feeding Plate for these breeds.


  • SLOW FEEDER BOWL - Slow your dog down to reduce the risk of bloat, forces your dog to take their time eating 
  • NON-SLIP - Non-slip base keeps the bowl in place
  • DRY OR RAW - Works with dry, cooked or raw food, or a combination
  • HOLDS - Up to 4 cups dry dog food
  • DISHWASHER SAFE - For easy clean


  • Teal


  • Approx. - 25 x 25x 6cm