Which Lickimat is right for my dog?

This is a question we are asked all the time, good news is that generally all Lickimats suit all dogs and lifestages. Lickimats are also great for short snouted (Brachycephalic) dogs as Lickimats are flat with no super deep ridges that they cannot reach into. 

Lickimats allow you to spread out your dog's food or treats onto the mat surface encouraging your dog to lick and lick and lick some more! 

When deciding on which Lickimat to buy for your dog, think about a couple of things:

  • What do you feed your dog?
  • Are you looking at a slow feed dog bowl alternative?
  • Is my dog inclined to get over enthusiastic and possibly have a nibble or chew of the Lickimat?
  • Are you aiming to distract your dog while bathing or clipping? 
  • If your dog has recently had surgery and you need to keep them still yet occupied?

Lets start with the original Lickimats - LickiMat Playdate / Buddy / Soother

  • LickiMat Playdate - a square checkerboard pattern and is easier to manage if you spread a liquid such as a runny yoghurt or a puree and can be combined with small kibbles adding extra texture. 
  • LickiMat Buddy - The most popular of the original Lickimats. Lickimat Buddy has a crossed X pattern which is a more complex surface. Designed like a maze to give your dog more of a challenge when they eat. 
  • Lickimat Soother shallow with raised bumps, and can be the most challenging. Lickimat Soother is suited for yoghurt, soft foods or spreads such as peanut butter,  however, it will not hold any kibble. Lickimat Soother provides extra tongue stimulation through licking. 

The Original Lickimats are fantastic (and still the most popular), made from human grade TPR rubber and are non-toxic. The original Lickimats are also microwave and freezer safe, freezing your dog’s Lickimat can extend treat time. 

The most important thing when providing your dog with their new Lickimat is teaching them how to use it, see our guide here. If your dog is inclined to get a bit enthusiastic and possibly nibble or chew, check out the Lickimat Tuff Range below. 

Have a large breed dog? Check out Lickimat Buddy Large, it is supersized to 30 x 30cm. 

Let’s now explore the Lickimat Tuff Range!

The Lickimat Tuff Range are as they say Tuff, moving away from the flexible soft rubbers of the Original Lickimats, the Lickimat Tuff range have a hard plastic backing. They continue to be microwave and freezer safe. Made from human grade TPR rubber and recyclable polypropylene.

Consider the Lickmat Tuff range if you have a naughty chewer, or maybe a teething pup. Remembering it is important you teach your dog to lick not chew their new Lickimat. If you think they may get a little excited and think about nibbling or chewing, ensure you supervise and encourage licking. The Lickimat Tuff range are tough but not indestructible.

If you're looking for an enrichment toy for your dog that loves to chew, explore our range of SodaPup Dog Toys made for dogs that are inclined to chew. 

The Lickimat Tuff Range is Lickimat Playdate Tuff / Lickimat Buddy Tuff / Lickimat Soother Tuff and are based on the Original Lickimats just tougher. 

Thinking about using your Lickimat as a Slow Feed Bowl alternative? Check out Lickimat Slomo!

The Lickimat Slomo has two textures on the one mat, bumps and dips. Slomo mats are designed to combine dry, wet or raw foods and will also hold liquids! This makes Lickimat Slomo a great slow feed dog bowl alternative and is fantastic for those short snouted breeds that can struggle with deep slow feed dog bowls. 

Slomo is also made from a hard plastic similar to the Lickimat Tuff range. All Slomo Lickimats are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Made from the same human grade (TPR) and recyclable polypropylene as the Lickimat Tuff Range. 

Another alternative slow feed bowl is the Lickimat Wobble. In the shape of a deep bowl, the Lickimat Wobble has rubber dimples on the inside surface and can also be frozen. 

As in the name the Lickimat Wobble loves to wobble about as your dog is licking out their food creating a mentally stimulating experience for your dog and can be used sitting or standing depending on your dog. The wobbling action increases the difficulty for your dog compared to the flat Lickimats.

Lickimat Wobble is made from human grade rubber (TPR) and contains no hard plastics. It is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. 

If you need to keep your dog focused check out Lickimat Splash!
Sometimes we need a third hand to keep our dog’s occupied when bathing, clipping or during a vet visit - right? The Lickimat Splash is here to keep your dog focused and relaxed.

Splash has a super powered suction cap on the rear designed to stick to smooth surfaces. To use your Lickimat Splash simply spread with your dogs favourite smooth spread push onto a wall and you’ll get the job done. 

Lickimat Splash has a similar cross pattern to the Lickimat Buddy however not as deep. 

Made from human grade rubber (TPR), Lickimat splash is also dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.  

So which Lickimat will you choose?