Chuckit! Floppy Tug


The Chuckit! Floppy Tug Dog toy is more than meets your pup’s cute little eye. Unwind it and it can serve as an innovative tug for you and your four-legged friend to play with.

This rubber loop of fun is heavy enough to be thrown and tossed long distances for a game of fetch and also twists into different shapes.

  • SOFT BUT DURABLE: Designed for exceptional performance but also easy on your dogs mouth.
  • NATURALLY FLOPPY: Lets dogs shake and thrash which is natural by nature for canines.
  • COLOURFUL DESIGN - With bright blue or green colours, the Chuckit! Floppy Tug can also be thrown for a game of fetch.


  • Blue
  • Green


  •  Small 21 x 11cm


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