Lulu's Kitchen Meal Topper Value Bundle

Lulu's Kitchen

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Unsure what meal topper your dog would love best? 

We've created a super special value bundle for your dog to try our most popular Meal Toppers from Lulu's Kitchen. 

All meal toppers are single ingredient and 100% Australian!

How to use meal toppers

The secret with meal toppers is a little goes a long way. Meal Toppers can be used to entice fussy eaters to their dinner or they are the perfect treat to add to your dogs enrichment toys such as Lick Mats or stuffable enrichment toys. Simply sprinkle a little of either meal topper or combine flavours and your dog will be drooling everywhere!

Pack Includes:

This value pack is huge value at $55 - saving you over 15%

Give your dog a hit of amazing natural meaty taste on their enrichment toys!

Product Source:

100% Australian

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