Nina Ottosson Interactive Snuffle Activity Puzzle Mat for Dogs - Fast Food

Nina Ottosson

$90.00 AUD

Encourage your dogs natural instincts with the new Nina Ottosson Interactive Snuffle Fast Food Activity Snuffle Mat 

Add to your enrichment toy collection the Nina Ottosson Fast Food Snuffle Mat. Hiding treats in the activity mat helps to stimulate your dog's most famous possession - their nose! Their natural sniffing talents will be put to the test as the sniff-out treats that you have nestled down into the snuffle mat.

Snuffle mats are fun for all dogs – regardless of age, size, or breed


There are 3 ways to play with the Nina Ottosson Snuffle Activity mat:

1. Easy challenge: Hide treats or dry food under plush material & encourage your dog to sniff them out.

2. Increased challenge: Hide treats in pockets and cover with the toys.

3. Ultimate challenge: Hide treats in 5 treat pockets & secure with hook & loop closure and hide treats with toys for a harder challenge.


The Fast Food Activity Snuffle Mat for Dogs comes with optional closures to increase the difficulty for your smart pup. Once your dog has sniffed out the treats you have hidden in the snuffle mat increase the challenge for your dog by placing food in the pockets and hiding them under an extra layer by stuffing in the toys. 

DIFFICULTY:  Level 2 Puzzle

SIZE: Approx. 35.5cm (height) x 54.5cm (length)

CARE: Non-slip & water-resistant base: Easy to clean and wipe off. Folds for easy storage.

PLAY TOGETHER: This is not a chew toy. Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Games by Outward Hound focus on challenging your dog’s brain. Supervise when playing, and don´t let the dog chew on the toy. Teach your dog how to use the puzzle, play and have fun together. Put away until next time. 


When choosing a toy for your dog, make sure to choose an appropriate size/style/level for your dog. No toy or game is indestructable. ALWAYS supervise your dog closely and teach your dog how the game/toy works to ensure they do not get frustrated which can result in chewing. Do no leave your dog alone with a treat game/toy, do not let the dog chew on the game/toy pieces. Regularly inspect for damage and remove if broken.