Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Feed Dog Bowl - Mini Wave

Outward Hound

$19.99 AUD

The perfect slow-feed dog bowl for small dogs and puppies!

Do you have a new puppy that is a little too eager with its food? Or a small dog that all the other slow feeders are too big for? A solution is finally here! Meet the Outward Hound Wave Mini Slow Feeder. 

By prolonging feeding times, the Fun Feeder reduces the risks of bloat and regurgitation.

Dogs quickly learn to “chase” their food through the maze, making dinnertime feel more like a hunt. And, because the Fun Feeder “rewards” their play with bits of food, your dog will become more and more engaged as the meal goes on. Veterinarians agree that slower feeding is safer feeding. When it’s time to dine, feed your dog with peace of mind.

PERFECT FOR PUPPIES + SMALL DOGS: This fun feeder is small and only recommended for small/tiny dogs 

ENRICHMENT AT A YOUNG AGE: Features a wavy design to help divide food and extend mealtime

SLOW FEEDER: Helps your dog eat up to 10x slower and holds up to ¾ cup of food


SIZE: Mini

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 13cm (length) x 13cm (width) x 3.2cm (height)

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