PAW Lick Pad Slow Feeder & Anti-Anxiety Food Mat

Pet DreamHouse

$9.99 AUD

Enrichen treat or meal time for your pet with the PAW Pet Lick Pad

This textured mat features small curved grooves that help stimulate the calming hormone in your dog as they lick the pad, which helps relieve anxiety and keeps your pet entertained. This will also help increase saliva production to aid in overall digestion and aid in slow feeding for reduced bloating and prevent regurgitation and choking.

Sprinkle on your dog’s favourite treats, such as treat pastes or peanut butter, or spread wet dog food on the mat to encourage slow and relaxing feeding! For refreshing treats, you can even freeze the Lick Pad with your choice of treats (e.g., frozen bone broth, wet dog food, yogurt, etc.). 

Each unit comes with three suction cup feet at the back and can also be used vertically as a distraction pad. The suction cap allows it to stick to any hard/smooth surface like tiles, glass and laminates. Take this mat to the bathtub and stick it on the tub or shower wall to keep your dog distracted while bathing

You may simply be after an additional Slow Lick Pad to go on your PAW Slow Feeder

Made with soft food-grade TPE rubber, and is freezer-friendly and safe to wash on the top rack of a dishwasher.


  • TEXTURED LICK MAT - featuring grooves and ridges that help stimulate your dog’s calming hormone to relieve anxiety
  • SUCTION CAPS - Sticks to the side of the tub/shower wall, car window or most flat and smooth surfaces to keep your dog occupied
  • FREEZER FRIENDLY - perfect cool treat on a hot day


  • Orange 
  • Green
  • Blue


  • Approx. 24cm x 14cm x 1.6cm